community groups

Our Community Groups meet together regularly for community, spiritual growth, outreach, and leadership development. They are the core of our church. It is here that a person's basic needs are met for spiritual, physical, and emotional support in a very intentional, one-on-one dynamic. Interested in trying a group? Contact a leader of one of the groups listed below. 

Community Group FAQ

How do I find a group? 

There are several groups to choose from, and we find that the easiest way to begin is by asking you "Where do you live?" Just call one of the groups in an area near where you live. If that sounds too intimidating, call or email your information to the church office, and we will do our best to help you. The easiest way to find a group would be to visit a Community Group that is in your geographical area. In that group you will meet people who live near you. 

Who goes to a Community Group?

Our groups are mixed with different ages as well as stations in life. We have single people along with couples, parents with their children, as well as those who have never had children. Our groups are a place to make friends and to help one another grow in relationship with God, and there is no pressure to continue to visit one group. We encourage you to visit several until you find one that fits you well.

What if there is no Community Group near me?

We are working to begin more Community Groups all the time to enable more people to have a group near them. Please contact the church office at (379.4949) to let us know if you desire to be in a group and there is not one in your area. The staff would love to help you find one. We also encourage the formation of new groups!

  • Empty nesters

    Community Group for Retirees meets on 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at church at noon

    Ron & Lori Hoopes


  • Come to the table

    Meets Sunday at the church at 5:00pm

    Christian and Harmony Smith


  • It's Complicated

    Meets on Tuesdays at various locations at 6:45PM

    Chris & Amber Hiatt

    Call/email for location.


  • The Bohemian Brethren

    Meets on Wednesdays in NW area at 7:00PM

    John Mark & Katherine Rodgers

    Call/email for location. 


    Sorry, no childcare. 

  • the lodge

    Meets on Wednesdays in NW area at 7:30pm

    Ross & Sarah Jelgerhuis

    Call/email for location