Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry exists to provide a Gospel-based environment for middle and

high school students to worship God--in their relationship with him, with their fellow Christians, and with non-Christians. 

It is our prayer that the ministry will nurture students’ spiritual growth through intentional fellowship, studying God’s word, prayer, music, serving the community, missions, games, retreats and other fun events. In our discipleship of the youth, we hope to partner with parents to model the Gospel and develop future leaders of the church who put their faith, hope and assurance solely in the doing and dying of Christ. 

Our vision is that the power of the Gospel will create a strong, vibrant community of teenagers in Gainesville who, as a part of the body of Christ, will positively transform their social, spiritual, and educational environments.

weekly schedule

SUNDAY MORNINGS (last Sunday School of Summer is June 11th)

Sunday School is available for middle and high school students on Sunday mornings at 9:00AM in the youth room.

In Sunday School this Spring, we are learning about Worshiping God. We will discuss what it looks like to become a thoughtful and active participant in worship.


This Summer, Youth Group for both middle and high school students meets on Wednesday nights from 6:00 - 8:00PM in the youth room. 


Small groups meet during the week at various homes throughout the school year. Students are placed in small groups based on their grade and gender. For more information, please contact us.