Children's Ministry

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Welcome! Christ Community's Children's Ministry is committed to teaching children about God- who he is, what he is like and how we should respond to his love for us. We also want our children to experience and be part of the Body of Christ and to build a meaningful relationship within the church. Each week, we will be teaching them the truths of God and his love for them through Christ. We will be doing this through the curriculum we teach and worship time we share together.

For questions about our children's ministry programs or for specifics on how CCC is handling our children's ministry during the pandemic, contact our Children's Ministries Director Alysa Traylor.

Our Values

Respect for Children

Our standards for teaching children must never be compromised by forgetting our role in helping children reach their full potential. We are a part of a child’s spiritual foundation. And taking seriously the job of their spiritual education. Scripture tells us that children are a “heritage;” they are a joy and pleasure, and they ultimately came from God and belong to God. We see children as gifts, not only to their parents, but also to our church, our community and our world. For one day they will become husbands, wives, friends, neighbors and citizens. 

God-Centered Teaching

We desire that through our education all children will gain an understanding of God and his desire for us to glorify him. Thus we desire for children to want to follow God with their heart, rather than just going through outward motions. Helping children discover the joy they can find in God. Helping children discover their need for God. Teaching must be application oriented, rather than just imparting knowledge. 

Kid Relevant, Age Appropriate

Teaching must have in mind the cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual development of the child. Teaching must look at the whole child, understanding there are different learning styles. Thus a variety of creative teaching methods are used. We must seek to understand the child’s cultural influences and relate to that culture, without ever compromising biblical truth. 

Partnership with Parents

God has designed children to learn in the context of family relationships. Partnering with families is vital to the growth of our ministry and the spiritual growth of our children. When the two are combined we make a greater impact in the life of the child, and we can offer one another support.


Developing care for others. Developing concern, compassion and awareness of people in need both inside and outside of the church. Developing an understanding that everything we have belongs to God and should be used to bring Him glory. 


Putting in place an environment for friendships to flourish. It is of utmost importance that our children are able to learn in a safe, encouraging and caring environment. The scriptures show us that the context for Christian growth is within a community.
This is an essential component for spiritual growth. 

Children's Ministry Sunday School

During the 11 a.m. service, CCC offers Sunday School Classes for all ages. This year, we are working through The Gospel Project curriculum. Each class will be covering the same lesson at an age-appropriate level, on any given Sunday.

1.  We believe that every stage of a child's development matters, and as kids grow, their parents are growing too! We love to come alongside parents as they navigate how to raise godly kids by providing community, offering opportunities for education, and encouraging specific ways for families to grow in their love for Jesus together in their daily lives. By synching up our student's curriculum, we can ensure that all children are learning the same material at the same time.  Our hope is that discipleship does not stop with their Sunday School class, but instead is continually discussed throughout the week in homes. We hope that this is one practical and easy step toward making this possible for parents.

2.  We believe that it is important that children be exposed to all of Scripture. By making this change, we can ensure that your children will cover the entirety of the Bible at least once throughout their time in our ministries.

3.  As always, we are in need of volunteers to make Sunday School happen! The Gospel Project makes not only learning, but teaching fun and easy. Lesson materials are concisely organized and easily followed by any who choose to teach. This is incredibly helpful when the inevitable situation occurs when a fill-in is needed. In addition to this, we have access to materials that can be used outside of the classrooms during your family discipleship time.

Children's Church is offered every Sunday during the 9:30 a.m. worship service for ages infant - 3rd grade. 

Children's Sunday School is offered every Sunday during the 11:00 a.m. worship service for ages infant - 5th grade.

Baptism and Communicants

Baptism is the outward sign of inward faith and the blessings of salvation (I Peter 3:21; I Cor. 12:13; Rom. 6:1-4), but it does not save us.

In Romans 4,  Paul refutes the idea that the sign of salvation can save us. It is a sign of faith and salvation. What does baptism accomplish then? It brings us into a covenant with God for we are baptized “into the name” of Christ. Baptism binds us to the church; it is not merely a personal inward testimony, but a commitment to holy living and work with the church.

Download a document on why we baptize infants here.

Infant Baptism Video (click below to watch):
"Why Do We Baptize Our Children" by Richard Pratt

A Communicants Class, which prepares children to become communing members of the church, is offered each January for children ages 3rd grade and up.

Children's Ministry Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering your time and gifts to this important ministry! If you are new and would like to get involved, please get in touch with the church office to begin the process. We perform background checks on everyone who works with children.

Please get to know your team members! You are responsible for finding a sub if you are unable to serve on your assigned date. Consider switching dates with someone on your team!

We love our Junior Volunteers! If you or your child are in the 5th-12th grade, please join our Junior Volunteer program.
Junior Volunteers assist teachers in their classrooms on Sunday mornings and during Vacation Bible School. It is a wonderful way to use your gifts and to serve the families of CCC! Email children's ministry for more information.