Sunday School

Adult Sunday School 

CCC's Adult Sunday School class is held during the 10:45 a.m. worship service. The fall 2021 semester will explore the "Foundations" of the Reformed Faith. This class will be a deeper dive into the doctrines that are held and taught in the Presbyterian Church in America, as well as how we can apply them to everyday life. For more information, contact Jason Peters.

Youth and Children's Sunday School

Each Sunday this fall during the 10:45 a.m. service, CCC will be resuming Sunday School classes for all youth and children. We are making one change that we are particularly excited about this year. For the first time, both Children's and Youth will be working through The Gospel Project curriculum. Each class will be covering the same lesson at an age-appropriate level, on any given Sunday. We believe explaining the benefits of this change is more important:

1.  We believe that every stage of a child's development matters, and as kids grow, their parents are growing too! We love to come alongside parents as they navigate how to raise godly kids by providing community, offering opportunities for education, and encouraging specific ways for families to grow in their love for Jesus together in their daily lives. By synching up our student's curriculum, we can ensure that all children are learning the same material at the same time.  Our hope is that discipleship does not stop with their Sunday School class, but instead is continually discussed throughout the week in homes. We hope that this is one practical and easy step toward making this possible for parents.

2.  We believe that it is important that children be exposed to all of Scripture. By making this change, we can ensure that your children will cover the entirety of the Bible at least once throughout their time in our ministries.

3.  As always, we are in need of volunteers to make Sunday School happen! The Gospel Project makes not only learning, but teaching fun and easy. Lesson materials are concisely organized and easily followed by any who choose to teach. This is incredibly helpful when the inevitable situation occurs when a fill-in is needed. In addition to this, we have access to materials that can be used outside of the classrooms during your family discipleship time.

Children's Church is offered every Sunday during the 9:00 a.m. worship service for ages infant - 3rd grade.